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Our services includes fully equipped truck and the labor. We wrap and protect all the furniture with quilted moving pads and stretch wrap free of charge. We will also disassemble the reassemble furniture plus disconnect and reconnect appliances.

Why Choose Us?

  • We always believe your needs are our number one priority.
  • We set high standards of service and performance.
  • We work to exceed customer expectations.
  • We offer superior customer service.
  • We believe in providing the safest, most dependable local moves.

Additional services include:

  • Antiques
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Furniture Rearrangement
  • Furniture Installation Services
  • Warehouse and Store Pickup/Delivery
  • Load/Unload rental truck,
  • Load/Unload overseas container

*** Rates for moving professionals with moving truck (fully equipped): ***

Time starts when the moving crew arrive at your door and ends when everything has been unloaded at your new location/home.

SUNNY MOVERS will take the hassle out of your moving process. We understand the stress and emotions involved in moving and will strive to make it the best experience possible. We do everything possible to take worry and stress out.

Please use these helpful tips to accelerate your move (and thus reduce your cost): Moving can be stressful and the best way packing is having the right packing materials.

If you choose to do your own packing, please use our moving tips to help you get started . Sunny movers can help you settle in by unpacking your cartons, and removing the packing materials.

*** Helpful Moving Tips ***

  • Make your moving arrangements as far ahead of your moving date as possible.
  • If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of your moving date. This avoids the last minute "packing rush".
  • Extremely fragile items such as glass, mirrors and pictures should be professionally packed or crated.
  • Open Liquids shouldn't be shipped as they can leak and cause damage to your shipment.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes (example: books in 2 cubic foot boxes, pots & small appliances in 4 cubic boxes.)
  • If possible, pack stereos, TV’s, and computers in their original boxes with their original packing material.
  • Mark each box with an inventory list and destination room. This way your movers will know where each box belongs at your new home. (example: master bedroom, kitchen, basement, garage, etc.)
  • Always stack dishes upward when packing.
  • Set up a specific area in your home for all items not to be MOVED and inform your movers of this area.
  • Arrange to have all your major appliances disconnected and serviced before your moving date.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving (freezers must be empty at time of loading.)
  • Dispose of all flammables such as matches, aerosols, fuels and propane tanks before your moving date.
  • It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers, but remove all fragile items and liquids.
  • Be sure to pack important and memorable documents in a separate box for example; health insurance, family records, passports, photo albums and jewelry for easy accessibility.
  • Contact your Moving Consultant 2 to 3 days prior to your move to confirm and review all final details of your move.
  • Review the list of your goods (Inventory Form) with your movers and their condition at the time of loading.
  • Complete a walk through of your home to ensure all items have been removed (check closets, cupboards, behind doors, etc.)
  • Before your movers completes loading, give him/her a phone number where you can be reached once you leave.
  • Check your Inventory Forms with the movers as your goods are unloaded. Make sure any missing items are identified and removed from the truck before crew depart.
  • Keep a copy of your contract (Bill of Lading), as most moves are tax deductible. Ask your Moving Consultant for more information.

For many, a move to a new home means plenty of nights and weekends spent packing. Did you know that our household movers can do the packing and unpacking for you? The professional packers at Sunny Movers know how to quickly get your things packed-up and ready to move quicker than you can imagine. Don’t need your entire household packed? With Sunny Movers you also have the convenience of selectively using our packing and unpacking services.

Need a little assistance in the kitchen? No problem – our Household movers and packers have you covered. Don’t lug heavy boxes to your home, call us and we will bring the supplies and do all the hard work so that your move is easy!

Our dedicated packing team always uses the most secure and effective packing methods, no matter how big or small the move. All of our Sunny Movers specialists are hand-picked for their gentle touch and attention to detail, so that even your most fragile possessions are in good hands.

***Rates for Packing***

Packing crew rates are the same as for our moving crews. Moving supplies are sold separately. When we pack your belongings, you pay only for the materials you use.